Decades of experience in the production of silica combined with strict quality control and Supply Chain service.

At Silysiamont, we are committed to ensuring high product quality to meet our customers’ needs. Our quality management system is based on high standards and is compliant with ISO9001. We have acquired significant knowledge and experience in various application sectors through long-term commercial relationships with customers.

silica quality control

Amorphous silica

Why choose us?

A single manufacturer

Silysiamont, founded in 2000, is a specialized manufacturer of synthetic silica offering products suited to different needs through unique technologies and expertise in various industrial sectors.

High quality

Our specialized silica is produced to the highest quality standards and rigorous production control. Our products have been selected by companies in Europe and the Middle East.

More products

We provide a wide range of silica gel with many applications, such as paints, ink overprinting, chemistry, and other products suitable for all industrial sectors. We have the capability to offer customized products that meet customer needs.


We have established a management system to ensure a stable supply of high-quality products. We comply with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 regulations.

Technical sales

Our technical team has practical experience in synthetic silica, having worked at production and research and development sites. We are able to communicate with our customers and provide the best solutions to their needs.