SYLYSIA®: High internal surface area

One spoon of silica = a tennis court surface area.

micronized silica

Characteristics of SYLYSIA

A. Porosity
SYLYSIA® has a sponge-like structure with different degrees of porosity that varies from low (0,4 ml/g) to high (1,8 ml/g) pore volumes.
Low pore volume grades present reduced liquids absorption capacity and therefore limited influence on viscosity. High pore volume grades are characterized by higher matting efficiency thanks to their higher volume (number of particles) per unit weight.

B. Surface Treatment
SYLYSIA® grades are characterized by high specific surface area (300-700 m2/g).
Surface treatment is applied to the product in order to improve the performance in various applications.
In most SYLYSIA® grades an organic treatment, based on different wax types, is applied in order to meet specific needs, as for example: prevention of the formation of a hard sediment and improvement of the mechanical properties of the applied paint film.

C. Particle Size
Each SYLYSIA® grade has a specific and controlled particle size distribution.
The particle size is immediately relevant to the matting efficiency, smoothness and transparency of the applied paint film.
In most applications, the selection of a suitable SYLYSIA® grade with a specific particle size is governed by the thickness of the applied film.

Grade class

SYLYSIA is available in several grades, depending on the porosity and particle size, that will allow the utilization in different application and guarantee the best results.

sylysia micronized silica


Advantages of SYLYSIA®


The wide range of pore and particle sizes available make SYLYSIA® grades suitable for a wide variety of applications.


SYLYSIA® grades provide smooth paint film surfaces with a high degree of transparency and consistency. SYLYSIA® organic surface treatment silica improves surface slip and also benefits mechanical properties of the film.


SYLYSIA® is very easily dispersible even under critical conditions and can be added in any phase during the production cycle. However, high speed stirring equipment with suitable peripheral speed of 5 to 10 m/s and dispersion time of at least 15 to 20 minutes are recommended to get the best performance from the chosen silica grade.


SYLYSIA’s special production process lead to silica with a minimal, highly controllable rheological impact allowing higher matting efficiency with optimum rheological behaviour.


SYLYSIA® should be handled with care to avoid accumulation of dust. SYLYSIA® is a non-crystalline amorphous silica and it is safe to humans. It has been approved by the US FDA and the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare.

silica powder


average particle size

2,7 – 12 um

pore volume

1.8 mL/G – 0.44 mL/g

oil absorption

310 mL/100g – 95 mL/100g

bulk volume

110 m L/5g – 13mL/5g

refractive index